Toy Story Smash It is one smashing good time on iOS


Earlier this month, Disney Interactive released a teaser screenshot of an upcoming Toy Story themed mobile game, and today, Disney / Pixar fans everywhere can jump into the shoes of Buzz Lightyear in the final product: Toy Story: Smash It on iPhone and iPad. From the look of the first screenshot, we thought the game might be familiar to Angry Birds fans, and it turns out our prediction was spot on. However, instead of playing from a horizontal perspective, Toy Story: Smash It brings 3D fun right to the palm of your hand.

Through four themed episodes, you'll be challenged with throwing bouncy balls, rockets and more at aliens that sit atop wooden, metal or other building blocks. Depending on the material, they may be easier or harder to knock down or break, but you'll only have a limited number of projectiles to throw at the screen before being forced to try again if you fail.

Toy Story: Smash It contains some pretty tricky levels, thanks to the ability for Buzz to walk left and right around the launch platform. This not only allows you to get a clearer view of all of the toy obstacles in front of you, but it also allows you to toss bouncy balls from more than just one position. The fewer items you toss at the screen before defeating all of the aliens, the higher your final score and the more stars you'll earn. Stars are used in bulk to unlock new level packs, which each come with an imaginative storyline straight out of a child's mind.


The graphics in Toy Story: Smash It are really something to behold. The scale and feel of the movie has been captured perfectly, as levels are given further detail thanks to cardboard drawings that serve as spooky trees in a forest, a sign outside the sheriff's station and much more. It's as though you've really jumped into Andy's world and are playing alongside his famous toys. What's more, levels are brought to life via animated platforms and blades that add even more challenge to the experience.

While the general gameplay idea behind Toy Story: Smash It definitely isn't new, the game offers plenty of fan service to Toy Story fans, and the 60 base levels are challenging without being frustrating. With the promise of more levels "coming soon," this is one $0.99 investment that's definitely worth making.

Download Toy Story: Smash It on iOS for $0.99 >

Have you tried Toy Story: Smash It? What do you think of Disney's take on the general Angry Birds formula? Sound off in the comments!