Top 10 Free-to-Play MMORPGs on Steam


MMO Attack is dedicated to bringing gamers current news in MMO gaming, entertaining content, and best of all; free stuff! One of the most popular prizes we deliver for commenting on each Weekly Loot are $20 Steam gift cards. Steam has arguably become the most popular virtual distributor of PC games. Whether you need a hardcore first person shooter or just fancy a decent puzzle game, steam has an option for you. One of the most popular genres on Steam are MMORPGs. Some games require bulky purchases, which is why at MMO Attack we try to help fellow gamers with Steam related giveaways. We also happen to know what games are cost effective, and Steam certainly delivers more than just a handful. You could be playing these games right now though; so lets not waste anymore time and dive right into ten of the most amazing free-to-play MMORPGs that can be found through the Steam network.

10. Age of Conan: Unchained

This game was once popular during the days where paid subscriptions were the norm. Now Age of Conan becomes another free-to-play wonder in the MMO world, and you can find it on steam. This MMORPG delivers eighty levels of play where players can choose from four races and twelve unique classes. The biggest draw comes from being immersed in the land of Hyboria, using specific skills to emulate adventures similar to the game's famous fantasy hero; Conan the Barbarian. Players can choose to work their way through the PvP ranking systems and work with others creating diverse guilds. Now that every class is available in free to play fashion, Age of Conan: Unchained is a great MMORPG to start with on Steam.

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9. War of the Immortals

War of the Immortals hits players with an immediate selection of eight fantastic heroes, each with unique gear tailored to their specifications. Characters will travel through famous worlds like Asgard, Valhalla, and Atlantis while fighting plenty of mythical beasts. The best aspect about this title is the pet system, which allows you to capture almost any beast you come across. With a new update (Titan's Fury) already running in the action MMORPG; it's clearly already headed in the right direction toward free-to-play greatness.

8. MapleStory

Next up comes a delightfully charming creation that is very different from other MMORPGs. Many games are 2D like MapleStory, but few function as side-scrolling platform adventures. The aesthetics may be simple but they do the job in bringing gamers a unique style of MMO gaming. Like most MMOs, players can chat, trade, and even form parties or guilds. Best of all is that the game finally integrated player verse player combat. The biggest draw about the game probably comes from the diverse level of customization on characters. With an assortment of quests, dungeons, and minigames to go along with such a strong character focus, MapleStory has something for everyone, and at no cost.

7. Age of Empires Online

A year ago this historically themed game may have struggled to make the list, but has since become a fantastic addition to the MMORPG community. Last March, Steam issued a major overhaul patch that drastically improved the flow of gameplay. Several PvP modes and classic RTS gameplay options have created a diverse MMORPG experience where gamers can co-operate and compete with others. There's even an abundance of premium content available for those who want to take their experience throughout history more seriously. Best of all, the game features a way to earn Empire Points, which can eventually be exchanged for all content seen in premium packages, giving players a rare option to never have to spend money. Beat that cost.

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6. Realm of the Mad God

This is one of the most unique MMORPGs on the list. The browser based co-op shooter displays a wonderfully original pixelated experience. Popularly characterized as a Bullet Hell MMO, Realm of the Mad God delivers an amazing mix of new age character options while delivering classic frustrating game play that oddly makes gamers more dedicated. Simple 8-bit graphics merely mask the sheer amount of action this game has to offer. Players will hunt down hundreds of items while working their way toward intense boss battles. Did I mention there is permadeath? Players better not get too attached to their first character, because although the game is easy to play, it becomes extremely difficult to master. Jump in to Realm of the Mad God right away and find yourself working with countless others trying to keep their little 8-bit buddy alive too.

5. Star Trek Online

This is another monthly subscription game fated for the free to play world. Star TrekOnline went free to play just last year, after already attracting a decent amount of fans. Thirty years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis, players find themselves in the midst of another war between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Aside from the obvious appeal of the Star Trek universe being in a massive setting for the first time, this MMORPG delivers an amazing simulated experience through the deepest regions of outer space. Players will undertake missions manning their own starship, commanding fleets, and battling famous Star Trek enemies. With a foundry system that allows participants to enable player created missions for each other, Star Trek Onlineboldly goes where no MMORPG has gone before.

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4. Everquest

A sequel is newer and therefore better, right? Any video game or movie fan will tell you this is wrong, and no situation is more proving than with the Everquestseries. Everquest II may be gaining popularity, but few MMORPGs achieve nineteen expansions. Hell, only a handful even achieve one fourth of that mark. Everquest has been going strong since 1999, before the world was littered with gamers, and only a few of the ones who existed even knew what an MMORPG was. Thirteen years of existence means thirteen years of content and improvements, something Everquestdoesn't get chintzy with. A combination of sixteen classes and sixteen races provide one of the most diverse build systems in any MMO. The game now sports over 50,000 items, over 500 locations, and 90 levels of cooperative and solo adventuring. With the MMO lynchpins like group raids, an in game economy, and even holiday events; Everquestprovides more than any other MMORPG could ever hope to offer.

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3. Dungeons & Dragons Online

What started as a collection of people at one table wanting to experience the same adventures has transcended into MMORPG greatness. Dungeons & Dragons Online presents one of the most amazing group experiences offered in gaming. The traditional roleplaying game is known for extensive character builds and in-depth adventures; and the MMO doesn't stray away from that famed philosophy. Character traits are nearly inexhaustible and create a world where you may never find two of the same looking creations. D&D has always been about detail, and that's something developers achieved on all levels. Dungeons and Dragons Online perfectly immerses players in a fantasy world while providing fantastic battle action. The freedom and control of each battle creates one of the most unforgettable experiences you will find in an MMORPG.

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2. DC Universe Online

What better way to feel like your favorite super hero than by presenting the nearly flawless combat system in DC Universe Online. Players have comprehensive control over every battle, specifying individual attacks to a point that's not comparable to any other MMO in existence. An early choice of morality dictates unique MMORPG leveling, as a character's storyline has everything to do with what a player will experience in the game. This isn't some third party super hero action RPG; it's a massive world filled with famous characters and story concepts from acclaimed DC writers. Sometimes there's just no beating a tacky cape and a good catch phrase. The game also presents a cast of voice actors that's only matched by the intensity of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bonus content is available through premium and legendary subscription types, but DC Universe Onlinegives fans the best shot at feeling like their favorite characters at the lowest price possible - Free!

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1. The Lord of the Rings Online

There are few stories more popular in the fantasy genre than The Lord of the Rings. Star Wars and Star Trek are becoming huge successes in the gaming community because of their excellence in bringing such brilliant cult followed universes to life. This MMORPG may not have the track recordEverquest does, but it has been around much longer than some of its other contenders. Everything you could hope to expect in this type of game is delivered. Crafting, cooking and farming are all present. Players can spar against each other in riveting one on one battles. This experience goes to a whole other level by allowing players to learn instruments, purchases houses, partake in private and public conversations, and build on traits that might seem uselessly nitpicky in other video games. That's what this game stresses on though; bringing both essential and minor Lord of the Ring attributes into the players hands. This MMO actively puts players into scenarios they would expect to see made famous throughout the books and movies. Moreover, The Lord of the Rings Onlinecreates a truly original experience that can't be found in any other MMORPG title.

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