Review: Runner2 takes the rhythmic action genre to unseen heights of brilliance


The original Bit.Trip Runner was a challenging game that truly tested players' mettle and patience, all the while providing an inviting and entertaining experience. The game featured an auto-running gameplay style that forced players to stay alert, rely on their twitch reflexes, and follow the beat of the music. Bit.Trip Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien marks the return of CommanderVideo, and it's even more accessible than its predecessor. Don't take that to mean that this auto-running game is easy, though. Runner2 is a highly challenging affair, but that challenge is always fair and incredibly rewarding. Simply put, developer Gaijin Games has delivered one of the most satisfying games of this or any other console generation, and to call Runner2 anything but sheer perfection would be utterly ludicrous.

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