FarmVille Preview: Welcome to Atlantis, FarmVille Freaks

FarmVille Atlantis
FarmVille Atlantis

It's confirmed! FarmVille Atlantis will be FarmVille's next destination farm. Here's all the unreleased info in one handy place, just click the link to learn more details and see all the images for that topic.

FarmVille Atlantis is FarmVille's tenth farm (not including mini-farms). It is set in the the magical long lost world of Atlantis, rediscovered FarmVille style. The Atlantis FarmVille farm makes for a unique and interesting farm with beautiful design concepts and truly something different from what we've seen thus far.

FarmVille Atlantis Farm Preview
FarmVille Atlantis Farm Preview

Here's a compilation of the information and images of FarmVille Atlantis farm all in one handy place. We will update this guide as more information rolls in. Simply click on a subject to visit the original complete post that has more details and images.

FarmVille Atlantis Basics

FarmVille Freak
FarmVille Freak

FarmVille Atlantis Launch Dates

  • Early Access Date (Farm Cash): March 4th 2013

  • Regular Access Date (Free): ? 1-2 weeks later

  • FarmVille Atlantis Early Access Information

FarmVille Atlantis Farming Basics

FarmVille Atlantis Exclusives

Stay tuned for more exciting FarmVille Atlantis farm coverage throughout the week!

What do you think about the unreleased info for FarmVille Atlantis farm? Are you satisfied with this theme and excited about having another farm? If you have any specific questions about the Atlantis farm- ask away in the comments below!