Defiance News - Cloaked and Ready


EGO skills in Defiance are going to be critical to a player's success. In the latest in a series of article detailing some of those skills, we take a look at "Cloak". See what it's all about before heading to the comments to leave your thoughts.

Cloak is ideal for the sneaky buggers out there. It conceals the player completely for a short period of time, only uncloaking him or her if they fire a shot. The speedy and strategic player can find higher ground, get a good shot lined up, and open a fight with a rim-rattling noggin buster from an acidic sniper rifle. Nothing like picking off a mutant before the swarm of them are alerted right? On top of that, it increases shield regen for survival, and can easily be used in the middle of a tense fight to make an escape or find someplace to re-fuel before going at it again.

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