Zynga CEO Mark Pincus wants to make a gambler out of everyone

Zynga gambling
Zynga gambling

There's no doubt that Zynga is hot on online gambling, but doubt has been cast on whether the FarmVille maker would succeed. Company CEO Mark Pincus attempted to assuage investors recently at a Morgan Stanley conference in San Francisco, CNET reports, shedding light on Zynga's approach to online gambling games. In short: Mass appeal equals mass dollars spent.

Zynga isn't interested in the hardcore gamblers--they're already well-served. No, Zynga is interested in those who aren't gambling yet, just like the developer was interested in those who weren't playing games yet with FarmVille. "It makes it more exciting than when you're by yourself in an anonymous poker room," Pincus said during the conference, according to CNET. "We're not the company to win the hardcore real-money gamers," he said. "But we think we are for the mass market audience."

With games like Zynga Elite Slots and moves in the UK and Nevada, Zynga seems well on the way toward its goal. However, as it will be for all social game-turned-online gambling companies, the social game giant faces an uphill battle in the U.S. The success of online gambling here entirely relies on whether individual states allow it. It could be years before even half of U.S. gets on board, so if we were Zynga, we wouldn't exactly bank on it to rake in the benjies.

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