What You Were Buying Last Week: RSA Insurance Group


LONDON -- One of Warren Buffett's famous investing sayings is "be fearful when others are greedy and greedy only when others are fearful" -- or, in other words, sell when others are buying, and buy when they're selling.

But we might expect Foolish investors to know that, and looking at what Fools have been buying recently might well provide us with some ideas for good investments.

So, in this series of articles, we're going to look at what customers of The Motley Fool ShareDealing Service have been buying in the past week or so, and what might have made them decide to do so.

Shocking cut
At No. 3 in the latest Top Ten Buys* is insurance multinational RSA Insurance Group . Following the shock announcement of a swingeing 33% cut in its dividend last week, RSA's share price's currently stands over 12% down from its 2013 peak. So presumably, this is a case of investors feeling that the market has overreacted, and the news wasn't bad enough to justify such a fall. Indeed, it's already recovered nearly 5% from its low of last Wednesday.

Prior to the dividend cut, RSA was certainly beloved of income-seeking investors, yielding over 7%. But even now, its lower price means that its current yield is still around 5.3%, which is well above the FTSE 100 average. True, if the fall is still over-done and the price recovers further, the yield will drop, but investors will have least have some capital growth to compensate for that.

And now that the bad news is out of the way, the company can concentrate on using money "saved" by cutting the dividend to fund investment in what it sees as more profitable territory in emerging markets. So, while longer-term shareholders may still be smarting from the price fall, new investors may have spotted an opportunity for what's still a high-yielding share with good prospects.

A high-quality income share
If you're looking for another high yield share, then this particularly high-quality income opportunity might be the one for you.

Indeed, the company in question boasts a 5.7% dividend yield and impressed Fool analysts so much they've named this share "The Motley Fool's Top Income Stock For 2013"!

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*Based on aggregate data from The Motley Fool ShareDealing Service.

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