Titanic II: Coming to the Atlantic Ocean in 2016

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Australian billionaire Clive Palmer has unveiled his blueprints for Titanic II, a replica of the ill-fated cruise ship that succumbed to an iceberg in 1912 and, in the wake of that tragedy, became an object of fascination for generations.

Palmer may be more fascinated by the Titanic than James Cameron. He and his team, including main designer Markku Kanerva, will attempt to build a ship that is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Plans are to sail Titanic II across the Atlantic in in 2016. Everyone on board the cruise will be required to wear period attire.

News of the Titanic II has been received with awe, snark and a little bit of fear for those pesky Atlantic icebergs. As HuffPost Live asked yesterday (starting at 1:35 in the video above), will Titanic II be safe? According to the Guardian, Palmer says not to worry. Due to climate change, he says, "There are not so many icebergs in the North Atlantic these days." Titanic II will, however, have enough lifeboat and life raft capacity to handle all of the 2,435 passengers and 900 crew members.

What else will Titanic II have? Three classes of passengers who will not mingle.

What will Titanic II not have? Internet or television, in hopes of recreating the feel of an earlier era.

What do some people wish Titanic II would have? Alexandra Petri writes in the Washington Post that Palmer should consider: "For a special fee, you can stand on the front of the boat and insist that you are the King of the World." And then: "For an extra fee, you are entitled to push overboard anyone who does [the above] or starts to sing the Celine Dion song."
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