Slots Craze is a pretty, and pretty basic, Facebook slots game


At first glance, Win's Slots Craze on Facebook seems like it could be the next big thing in the world of Facebook slot machine games, with sharp colorful graphics, support for auto-spinning, the ability to customize your bet (and number of lines) per spin and additional machines to unlock over time. However, when you get right into the heart of the game, it's a rather slow-moving and basic game that doesn't do enough to become a "must-play."

Starting with the cute and colorful machine called "Teddy Pets," Slots Craze has great graphics, and gives you one XP per virtual dollar spent on the spin of the wheels. More machines are unlocked as you level up, but some are friendlier than others in terms of payouts. While the game is of course about luck, some tables simply seem unfair and therefore aren't very fun to play.

Depending on the machine, a different bonus game can be activated if you land on three bonus or otherwise "special" tiles on one spin. In the Teddy Pets machine, for instance, you'll automatically receive a set of free spins. On the Peg Leg Greg machine, as another example, you'll get to hit a button to fire a cannon at an enemy ship. If the ship sinks, you'll receive free spins and monetary multipliers that can add to your virtual bank account. Of course, whether or not the cannonballs hit the enemy is also all about luck.

These free spins show off one of the game's biggest problems: it takes at least six seconds for each spin to start, if you won something on the spin immediately before. While non-winning spins progress instantly, these winning spins slow the game down greatly when you've received those spins for free or are using auto-spin. If you choose to spin the wheels manually each time, you can start the wheels again immediately as well, but the entire point of auto-spin is to save yourself from all of that clicking.

While Slots Craze has a few machines to unlock as you level up, most of the game is still currently "coming soon," so it's hard to really recommend the experience. It's a basic slot machine game with too little content and spins that simply take too long to actually activate. If Slots Craze were only one of a few slot machine games on Facebook, its great graphics might be enough to warrant a look. As it is though, there are simply too many other games in the genre that are much better.

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