Kodak Delivers Enhanced Version of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Display Material to Global


Kodak Delivers Enhanced Version of KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Display Material to Global Markets

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- It's used by some of the world's most well-known brands to create stunning, visually-grabbing displays, due to its known high-quality and ease of production use. Now, Kodak has taken its standard-setting KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Display Material and made it even better by leveraging new technologies within its imaging science research group. Kodak's improved cyan dispersion technology, first introduced to the ENDURA family of media in December 2011, offers a larger color gamut with the capacity for more saturated color while at the same time maintaining accurate skin tone reproduction, highlights and shadow detail.

"This enhanced version of our ENDURA Transparency Material combines ongoing research in our imaging science group with market and business expertise that translate new technologies into proven benefits for our customers," said Dennis Olbrich, General Manager, Film, Paper & Output Systems and Vice President, Personalized Imaging, Eastman Kodak Company. "Leading brands working with our customers require stimulating output that immediately grabs and then holds the consumer's attention. To create this, they need to have a high-quality media onto which they print the images. Our KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Materials have led the industry in quality and durability and will do so even more with this new version."

KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Transparency Display Material is a translucent-base color transparency material for use on illuminators without built-in diffusers. Commercial labs, specifiers and global brands use ENDURA Transparency Display Material for large displays (such as trade show stands and booths), in-store point-of-purchase materials, and indoor transit displays (such as airports, subways, etc.).

"After testing Kodak's New ENDURA Transparency Display Material we instantly noticed the improved colour reproduction," said Sean Urch, Managing Director of Echo Studios, one of the U.K.'s leading commercial labs. "Cyans, greens and blues have all been enhanced through the use of a new cyan dye incorporated into this new display material. The increase in colour gamut achieved with the new cyan dye has also allowed us to better reproduce other colours, such as a particular purple used by one of our clients that now looks brighter and truer than before."

"Echo Studios will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year and our longstanding customers require the highest quality images for their luxury brands. We've used Kodak's ENDURA Transparency Display Materials for 15 years and believe it is the best available. This latest improvement will further improve the bespoke images selected by our customers to market their prestigious brands. It's great to see Kodak investing in new photographic technology that further enhances our production quality and enables us to delight our customers."

As part of the new media, Kodak will provide printers with new technology in its output ICC profiles. Kodak will post a set of three profiles for each printer, which will offer three types of saturation:

  • Natural Color

  • High Color

  • Max Color

Each set of profiles will enable Kodak lab customers' clients to choose a profile which results in exactly the "look" they desire in their printed images.

The new ENDURA Transparency Display material will be available globally on a stock-turn over basis, beginning in the U.S. in early March 2013; Europe in late April 2013; and Asia/Pacific region in late May 2013. Customers should check with their local representatives for more specific arrival information.

For more information on KODAK PROFESSIONAL Media and all KODAK Product offerings for the professional markets, please visit www.kodak.com/go/professional or follow us on FACEBOOK at www.facebook.com/KodakProfessional.

About Kodak's Personalized Imaging Business

The Personalized Imaging business leverages Kodak's unique imaging heritage, expertise and ongoing innovation to provide customers and end-consumers with high-quality products and services to meet their individual needs. The Personalized Imaging business consists of Retail Systems Solutions, the world leader in retail photo kiosks and dry lab systems, offering retailers a competitive advantage in the photo services market; Paper & Output Systems, offering professional labs and photographers the broadest portfolio of traditional photographic paper and pro lab solutions; Film Capture, offering consumers and professionals an award-winning range of still-camera film products; and Event Imaging Solutions, offering theme parks and other venues a total solution in souvenir photo operations.

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