Slay the dragons one card battle at a time in Dragon Summoner on iOS, Android


While many card battle games allow players to harness the power of dragons for their own use, in GREE and Gameloft's latest offering Dragon Summoner, you'll instead do everything your power to stop them. An army of dragons has risen from presumed extinction, and is leaving a path of destruction all across the three Kingdoms of Ouvien. In Dragon Summoner, you'll be able to collect cards and assemble a team of heroes that can defeat the dragons and save the entire world before the dragons can destroy you first.

Available for both iOS and Android, Dragon Summoner is free-to-play, but will likely be supported by microtransactions in the form of premium card bundles. Players will earn gold and experience points as they level up in the game. Over 200 cards are available for collection, and these cards can be combined and upgraded to form stronger fighters. Whether you choose to align with the clan of warriors, mages, or hunters, you'll be able to complete quests, partner up with buddies to defeat "Raid" bosses and even battle other players online to prove that you've formed the strongest team of them all.

Dragon Summoner is now available to play on both iOS and Android. Check out the game's trailer below for more.

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