Candy Spelling Faces Eviction From Los Angeles Condo, Report Says

candy spelling condo
candy spelling condo

By Catherine Sherman

Candy Spelling may be the widow of one of the most acclaimed (and wealthy) American TV producers, but she's getting anything but praise from her landlord. In fact, the "Beverly Hills 90210″ producer's wife may face eviction. If you're scratching your head trying to remember when Spelling moved into her Los Angeles rental, don't fret -- you're not alone. The widow of TV icon Aaron Spelling and mother of actress Tori Spelling has been renting a modest condo while her prized penthouse at The Century is under construction. She purchased the 15,555-square-foot penthouse for $35 million back in December 2010, but according to Curbed, "it's undergoing some serious renovations to be made Candy-ready."

candy spelling
candy spelling

In the meantime, Spelling is leasing 5,600 square feet at The Carlyle, where prices range from $8,000 to $20,000 per month. The two-story unit pictured above is reportedly similar in size to Spelling's place and comes in at the top of the price range. But, it still pales in comparison to her penthouse in Century City. So, when is Spelling moving into her swanky new digs?

According to TMZ, the owner of The Carlyle wants a judge to force Spelling out of her transitional home, saying her lease ended Jan. 31. "Spelling says she extended the lease for 6 months ... and even paid for the month of February," TMZ reports. The owner begs to differ, however, demanding $933.33 for every day Spelling stays. This isn't Spelling's first lawsuit. She made headlines last summer for another legal battle, suing a Maryland auction house for allegedly botching the sale of her antique doll collection.

Legal woes aside, Spelling will be remembered for selling the lavish Spelling Manor for $85 million to Petra Ecclestone, the British heiress to the Formula One auto-racing empire, in July 2011. In fact, if Spelling had received her original asking price of $150 million for the 56,500-square-foot mansion, she would have earned bragging rights as selling the most expensive U.S. home to date. Regardless, Spelling's deep pockets made jaws drop when she purchased her Century penthouse for a whopping $2,250 per square foot. Time will tell when Spelling's renovations and pending lawsuit are behind her.

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