Yahoo! Workers Ordered to Report for Duty

Digital Piracy
Digital Piracy

For some reason, investors and the rest of the world are fascinated by the decision of Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) management to halt the ability of people to work from remote offices. Now, all the Yahooligans will need to show up at the firm's offices.

Some observers believe that employees will quit, particularly valuable ones. Other experts think that some workers are more productive outside a formal environment.

According to The New York Times:

A memo explaining the policy change, from the company's human resources department, says face-to-face interaction among employees fosters a more collaborative culture - a hallmark of Google's approach to its business.

In trying to get back on track, Yahoo is taking on one of the country's biggest workplace issues: whether the ability to work from home, and other flexible arrangements, leads to greater productivity or inhibits innovation and collaboration. Across the country, companies like Aetna, Booz Allen Hamilton and are confronting these trade-offs as they compete to attract and retain the best employees.

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