NJ's Highest Court Hears 'Joking Judge' Vince Sicari's Appeal

Vince Sicari, judge comedianTRENTON, N.J. -- New Jersey's Supreme Court is considering whether a municipal court judge can continue to work as a standup comic.

A state ethics board has said Vince Sicari should be barred from comedy work. An attorney defending that decision says the characters he depicts could confuse the public and reflect badly on the judiciary.

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Sicari's attorney says the South Hackensack judge keeps both professions separate and does comedy work to supplement his part-time income. Sicari has a successful career as a standup comic under the name Vince August, appearing on network television and as a warm-up for "The Colbert Report."

The arguments before the Supreme Court Tuesday in Trenton focused on roles Sicari has played on the ABC show "What Would You Do?" Sicari has depicted several racist or homophobic characters on the hidden camera show.

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