The World's First, Environment-friendly, Low Carbon Lantern Structure


The World's First, Environment-friendly, Low Carbon Lantern Structure

"Delta Electronics' Ring of Celestial Bliss" Shines at 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival

TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- The crowds agree that "Delta Electronics' Ring of Celestial Bliss" is the most eye-catching lantern at the 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival. Considered the world's biggest lantern, "Delta's Ring of Celestial Bliss" is a 10m tall, 70m wide and 270° circular, high-resolution projection structure where visitors can enjoy two films: "Sun and Moon"" and "Four Seasons". Based on the overall design concept of "Long Lasting" the giant lantern encourages the public to protect our environment, save energy, and pursue sustainability for the benefit of mankind. Featuring an exciting LED light show, the giant display is a visual treat for visitors to the festival.

Delta's Founder and Honorary Chairman Mr. Bruce Cheng said, "The Lantern Festival is an important Chinese tradition. If we can celebrate it in a low carbon and energy-saving way, it will be a wonderful thing. Our lantern, "Delta's Ring of Celestial Bliss" conveys the concept of "Everlasting". It is the first time we have presented Delta's company values and mission by combining technology, culture and the message of sustainability.

Delta's recent achievements in projection blending and 3D building façade projection technology provide a total system integration solution. "Delta's Ring of Celestial Bliss" represents Delta's solutions and branding as it combines hardware technology and software capabilities. It is also an outstanding example of developing technology in a sustainable way.

"Delta's Ring of Celestial Bliss" is a 10m tall, 70m wide, 270° circular structure that offers amazing visual effects from different angles. As visitors enter the low carbon area where the ring is located, they will be treated to Ms. Yang Zi Dong's calligraphy masterpiece "Heng (Long Lasting)". This is based on Heng Gua in the ancient Chinese classic I Ching (Book of Changes). The meaning of Heng is further explained in I Ching as: "The Sun and the Moon follow the Tao of Nature; thus their shining is everlasting. The seasons of the Earth change and transform in rhythm; thus its ability to nurture and produce long endures." This teaching resonates well with Delta's commitment to sustainability. The pillar of Heng is also the best location for visitors to take photographs of the giant lantern structure and capture beautiful memories of "Deltas' Ring of Celestial Bliss".

The story of the "Sun and Moon" film is from Delta's Founder Bruce Cheng's biography "The Power of Integrity". Delta's CEO Mr. Ping Cheng narrates the film to communicate Delta's commitment to sustainability. The film traces the story of humankind from the beginning of the universe, the planets and the origins of life on earth, and through the achievements of human civilizations. Mankind continues to make new breakthroughs in knowledge and technology. However, as we have elevated our standards of living, we have also damaged Mother Earth, which has caused extreme weather conditions and environmental degradation. In the film we remind the public to protect the environment, save energy, and cherish our green Earth.

The "Four Seasons" film contains excerpts from the "Taiwan Beautiful, All Seasons" film produced by Commonwealth Magazine. It captures beautiful Taiwanese sights such as seas of clouds on mountain tops, aerial shots of paddy fields, a tranquil morning fog at Sun Moon Lake, delicious, yellow Hsinchu persimmons, and more. Visitors can enjoy these sights from the giant lantern's nautilus center. "Delta's Ring of Celestial Bliss" is made up of 15 hidden Delta Electronics high-resolution, video-conferencing projectors, and 3-module DLP high-level projection system. The highest luminance can reach 30,000 lumens, and an overall resolution of more than 12 million pixels, which is much higher than the cinema projection standards of the US Digital Picture Association. It is so detailed that even the trails of spider webs on a day lily can clearly be seen.

Much thought has also gone into the lantern structure's design. Located in a park, the triangular shape of the site embodies the linear nature of advanced technology in Taiwan, while the rounded self-contained inner structure symbolizes technology's innovative adaptability. Besides using steel to build the structure's main frame, the exterior façade is made with bamboo while the inner projection screen is made with recycled materials. The permeable floor is also made with bamboo so that after the exhibition, the structure can be naturally broken down by the environment. Not only does the structure express local characteristics, its innovative design and environment-friendly building materials reduce the amount of resources spent on transporting the materials.

The concepts Delta Electronics wishes to showcase with its "Ring of Celestial Bliss" lantern are "Good Will to Mankind" and the "Everlasting Circle of Life" which teach respect for Mother Nature and encourage taking on future challenges. Through its unique steel mainframe design, the entire "ring" appears to float under the night sky, which was made possible by precise mechanical calculations, a technical achievement that will amaze visitors. The outer wall of the structure uses 155 Delta Electronics LED wash wall lamps that are installed along the lower outer steel structure. It also boasts Makino Bamboo that will wash the light up from bottom to the top, adding dynamic life force to the overall structure. The outer wall also has LED line lamps that will create beautiful visuals of the four seasons. Inside the structure, visitors can see short column lanterns which have cast tree lights. The tree lights add more luminance to this already low carbon footprint, energy-saving showcase. The success of LED lighting depends on optics technology, energy, and heat dissipation. Delta has leveraged its core technologies for high performance, high quality LED lighting products. The LED wash wall light projection distance is more than six meters, and not only is it able to project rich, layered lighting effects, it also saves more than 80% energy as compared to traditional lumens lamps.

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