Temple Run 2 Survival Guide: Cheats & tips for higher scores & longer runs

Temple Run 2 cheats tips
Temple Run 2 cheats tips

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If you want to get higher scores and longer runs in Temple Run 2 on the Android & iOS systems (iPad, iPhone, etc.), then look no further.

I've compiled some tips to make your life a little easier. You'll be getting higher scores and longer runs in no time.

Tips for Temple Run 2 Survival

Don't Focus TOO Much

I've noticed that if I try too hard and focus too much, I fail more often. Some of my longest runs are when I'm relaxed and just using my instincts.

Also, try not to focus directly on your character. Spread out your view to what's coming ahead so you can adequately prepare for oncoming obstacles.

Jump Before Cliff Hangers

Something that will help you survive cliff hangers (those areas where there's only one safe side to run on, and the other side is broken off) a bit easier is to get used to jumping right as you see them. As you're in the air, lean toward the side you can run on, and you'll land there.

I do this primarily because on longer runs, you're running so fast that simply leaning doesn't always get you there in time. Jumping and leaning in the air gives you ample time to land safely.

Always Complete Objectives

Completing objectives in the game increases your level, increases your multiplier, and unlocks some free coins and gems. You should always be working on the active objectives that show up on your Objectives screen.

Learn Jump & Slide Combos

One of the first things you need to master are the jump & slide combos. When you start to get a little farther on your runs, you'll notice that some of the obstacles come really close to turns. What you may not have known is that you can actually turn a corner during a jump or slide, which becomes fairly crucial. You can also cancel out of a slide into a jump as well.

Jumping Over Double Obstacles

The more treacherous obstacles I have encountered in the game happens when there are two obstacles back to back. Most of the time it will be a spiked wheel and a river. If you time your jump just right, you can clear both of these in one bound. Wait until the very last moment before jumping over the first obstacle and you should be able to clear them both.

Use The Right Powerups

Some powerups are quite a bit better at getting you more coins, higher scores, and longer runs than others.

If you're after more coins and higher scores, one of the best powerups is the Coin Magnet, which is unlocked at level 5. Leveling up to level 5 will require you to complete your active objectives. Coin Magnet will also help you unlock abilities faster, since you'll end up getting a lot more coins with it.

For longer runs, the Boost powerup will help. Boost will run you farther into the map, while completely avoiding all obstacles in the way.

Upgrade The Best Abilities First

If you're using the Coin Magnet powerup, then purchase the Coin Magnet and Coin Value abilities first. The Coin Magnet ability will make the Coin Magnet powerup last longer, and and the Coin Value ability increases coin values once you reach certain distances.

If you're using the Boost powerup, you'll want to focus on the Boost ability. The Boost ability will make your Boost powerup last longer.

The Save Me ability is also really good, since it reduces the gem cost when you use a Save Me. Save Me costs typically go like this: 1 gem for your first death, 2 gems for your second death, 4 gems for your third death, and 8 gems for your fourth death, and so on. As you can see, the cost doubles every time, so this can save a lot of your valuable gems. Purchasing three Save Me ability upgrades will make your first three deaths only cost 1 gem each.

Master The Mine Carts

Once you master the mine cart areas, they'll actually become some of the easier areas in the game.

One of the more important tips is to not focus as much on getting gems when you're in the mine cart. Pick up the gems that you can reach easily, but don't go out of your way for them until you get better in the mine carts. It's not worth getting a few more coins if you die in the process.

Only lean when necessary. The only time you really have to lean is on the forks in the track, and on the missing track sections.

Lean Around The Red Tiles

I typically try to just lean around the red tiles on the ground instead of jumping over them.

On longer runs, you'll start to get red tiles mixed with other obstacles a short distance later, so leaning around the red tiles instead of instinctively jumping over them may help to keep you from landing on the obstacles they'll throw at you later.

Don't Use Head Starts

In my opinion, Head Starts aren't worth the coins. I prefer to use those hard earned coins on upgrading more abilities.

Obviously if you've purchased all of the upgrades and characters, it's quite different since you don't really have much else to spend them on.

Don't Be Fooled By Tricky Powerups

This game is tricky sometimes and likes to tempt you with a powerup or gem right before a cliff. I still fall for this sometimes. Be wary of powerups in areas where there are cliffs.

Also be wary of powerups and gems at the top of those blind hills, as they like to place obstacles for you to land on at the bottom of the hill.

Do you have your own tips to add? I'd like to hear them, so leave me a comment below.