The 9 Worst Corporate Stadium Names in America

Florida Atlantic University
Florida Atlantic University

Last week, Florida Atlantic University announced plans to name its stadium after GEO Group, a privately-owned multinational prison corporation. The naming, which comes after GEO pledged to give $6 million to the university, has already drawn protests. On the amusing end of the spectrum, some critics are referring to the sports complex as "Owlcatraz," after the school's owl mascot. On the less amusing end, the naming deal has drawn attention to GEO's spotty history, including allegations of sexual abuse and claims that it withheld medical treatment from prisoners. According to The Huffington Post, the company may also have attempted to scrub its Wikipedia page.

As the GEO Group Stadium story continues to play out, it is casting fresh light on corporate sponsorship of sports venues -- a revenue generator that, as many commentators have pointed out, can certainly have its downside. Here's a look at nine of the worst corporate stadium naming choices:


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