Twyla DeVito, Ohio Bartender: Fired For Alerting Police To Drunk Driver?

In theory it should be possible to be both a loyal employee and a responsible person at the same time. So when bartender Twyla DeVito last week noticed one of the regular customers at the American Legion Post in Shelby, Ohio, enter the bar in a heavily intoxicated state, she felt that it was her duty to alert local police when the patron hit the road. Her reward? She got fired, she says.

"He is going to kill someone or himself," she recalled initially telling the cops, according to Louisville, Ky., TV station WDRB. (DeVito also reportedly agreed to serve the patron, Mike Ramey, an additional round of beer before he left the bar.)

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And once tipped off, the Shelby County police began following the patron before pulling him over. Ramey's blood alcohol was found to be twice the legal limit at 0.167, according to a post by news website

After her employer learned of Ramey's arrest, DeVito said, she was let go. Central Ohio's WBNS-TV quotes the commander of the Legion post, Mic Hubbard, as defending the move on business grounds. "If every patron who comes in here has to worry about the cops waiting for them when they leave, the place would be empty, " he said.

For his part, Shelby Police Chief Charlie Roub objected to the bartender's dismissal. "Here, we have someone that's trying to do something right and ends up getting punished for it," he said. But of her decision to call police, DeVito said, "I would do it again."

What do you think? Should DeVito have lost her job? Share your comments below.

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