'Transformer' Home in San Juan Islands, Washington, Adapts to Its Natural Surroundings


So you think you want to live in the great outdoors? Let's face it: Very few of us actually mean that. (Creepy crawlies, the natural elements ... ew.) So here's the perfect solution: a luxury home on one of Washington's San Juan Islands with "Transformer" abilities that allow you to feel like you're living outside -- without actually having to live outside.

The shape-shifting home on Lopez Island, which adapts ingeniously to its idyllic environment, features floor-to-ceiling glass walls that can be exposed or hidden (depending on how much natural beauty you want to be drenched in). There's a retractable roof, perfect for star-gazing, and an extendable wooden deck that allows you to dine and entertain al fresco by the water. The front of the home can "disappear" via sliding panels, which allows you to feel like the ocean is your front yard. Essentially, it confuses "the boundaries that separate a built structure and its natural surroundings." So, yeah, basically we want this morphing house pretty bad.

See the video below, and dream along with us.

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