The Wizard of Oz Walkthrough: Cheats and strategy guide


The Wizard of Ozis a city building simulation game created by Spooky Cool Labs. Relive the classic adventure of Dorothy, Toto, and all their friends as they follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City! Gamezebo's quick start strategy guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • The Wizard of Oz is free to play. Click on the "Play Now" button at the top of this page to play!

  • Upon playing the game for the first time, it's important to acquaint yourself with the various buttons surrounding your screen.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Oz Coins- This is the main currency of Oz, and can be used to purchase items and tasks.

  • Emeralds- This is the secondary currency of Oz, and can be used to purchase premium items and accelerate tasks.

  • Quest Journal- This is where all Quests and tasks are listed. You can view the status of any of these by toggling over the character icon associated with that Quest. Click to expand or minimize.

  • Food- This is used to feed Munchkins, and is essential if you're to keep them happy and working.

  • Wood- This essential material is used for building.

  • Yellow Ore- You will need to collect this in order to make Yellow Bricks.

  • Experience- Increase this by completing various tasks to gain levels, unlocking features and giving you handsome rewards.

  • Energy- This is required and used every time you perform a task, such as collecting or harvesting.

  • Wand Shards- Collect and use these to summon Glinda.

  • Options- These buttons cover all the game options, such as toggling Music, Sound, Graphics, Fullscreen, as well as offers the ability to take a Screenshot of your game or give you quick access to the Zoom buttons.

  • Toto's Special Offers- Any special or limited offers occurring within the game will be displayed here for you to view at any time.

  • Items- Click on this icon to access three sub-menus: Gift Items, Achievements, and Inventory. Gift Items allows you to send free gifts to your friends. Achievements allows you to view various achievements that can be obtained, as well as your progress in these areas. Inventory allows you to access your inventory- Collectibles, Consumables, and Placeables you have found or purchased will be shown here.

  • Tailor- Select this button to customize the Munchkins.

  • Visit the Yellow Brick Road- Once the number of required Yellow Bricks has been reached, click on this button to gain access to the Yellow Brick Road.

  • Tools- From here, you can access the following options: Remove Munchkin, Bulldoze Object, Landscape, Move Object, and Rotate Object.

  • Build- Access and build Buildings, Decor, Community, and/or Resource objects from here.

  • Rotate Camera- Click and hold on this compass to quick rotate your camera to the angle or view you'd like. You can instantly reset at any time by clicking the small green button above it.

  • Land Name- Click on this to edit the name of your Munchkinland to make it more personal. You may edit it at any time.

  • Friends- Any friend of yours who are playing the game will be displayed here. You can visit their lands and return home from here, too.

How to Play

  • Upon entering Munchkinland for the first time, your first task will be to build a Tiny Hut for them. Go to the Build menu, select Tiny Hut under the tab "Buildings", then place it on the map so that it's next to a road or path, but not overlapping with anything else. The building will turn green when you can place it.

  • Once you've placed anything via the Build menu, you will need to build it! You can do this by clicking on the framework the required number of times to build it up to completion.

  • Every action you complete in Oz will grant you Experience in the form of a star. You can also get other drops that will appear, such as Coins, Wood, Ore, Collectibles, etc, even Energy. This will pop out once a task has been performed, and you can collect them by simply moving your cursor over their location on the map.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Building new houses will allow new Munchkins to move into your world.

  • Next, you will need to learn the importance of Wood by building a Lumberyard. This process is very similar to building a house. Select the Lumberyard from the Build menu, then place it in a suitable location. If this location isn't immediately connected to the Town Square, build a Path via the Build menu from the Town Square to the Lumberyard or applicable location. Once connected, it will become functional.

  • Buildings such as the Lumberyard are labeled Resource Buildings. Any type of business or resource building will need to be manned and run by a Munchkin. Click on any Munchkin you like and drag and drop it over to the applicable building to turn it into running order.

  • Once a resource building has been completed, and a Munchkin is working there, click on the building to select a job. Each job requires you to pay your Munchkin worker a set amount of Food and Coins. Select "Buy" in the job menu to have the Munchkin perform the job task. Once finished, you will be able to click on the building to Collect the product. Once a product has been collected, the process of hiring your Munchkin worker can begin again.

  • You can change your view of the world at any time via the compass shown toward the lower right corner of your screen. Click and hold on this area, moving your cursor to move the camera. In addition to panning, you may also zoom in and out using your mouse wheel, or the buttons on the right. You can reset the view anytime by clicking on the small green button at the top of the compass. To simply "move" around your world without manipulating the camera, click and hold on an area of the map, then drag to move it to the location you would like to view.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Now, as you progress and in order to progress, you will need to complete Quests. These are shown in the Journal on the left side of your screen. Any active quests will be shown beneath the Journal, where you can move your cursor over a character icon to see the current status of the Quest and any tasks left to do. Upon completing a Quest, you will be given a reward. Quests are essential in expanding your world and helping Dorothy reach the Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Once your version of Munchkinland is starting to get back into the swing of things, it will be time to create a Mayor. The Mayor is a character that represents your Munchkinland to all your friends, and as such, they can be customized a great deal. You will be able to choose Size, Weight, Skin, gender, general style, and the color palette of your Mayor. For the customization enthusiasts, you can also mix and match individual articles of clothing and color them independently for even more unique results. Don't forget to name your Mayor via the option in the upper left corner!

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • In the event that you would like to collect more resources, such as Wood, and your resource buildings are already busy, there is a way! Click and drag a Munchkin onto a collectible or mineable object, such as a tree. This will trigger a mini-game. Wait until the bar lands on the green zone, then click "Swing!" to have your Munchkin chop or mine the object. Landing on the small white bar will cause your Munchkin to use a super-powered swing, downing the object much faster! When you complete these tasks, you will be rewarded with resources such as Wood, and sometimes even other items such as Collectibles.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • You will need Wood to supply Munchkin houses. In return, they will pay you rent, earning you Oz Coins.

  • Now not just your workers, but all your residents need to eat. To feed your residents, build a Restaurant, or food joint of some kind. Assign a Munchkin as the shopkeeper, then click on the restaurant to send it into business. Once it has fed the maximum amount of customers, you will be able to collect the profits. Once the profits have been collected, click on the Restaurant again to re-enable it to feed your residents again.

  • In addition to distributing food, you will need to collect food. You can do this in the form of another resource building, such as the Grain Mill. Assign a Munchkin to work here and pay them to send them to work gathering Food resources for you!

  • In the screenshot below, you will see various icons displayed above buildings and characters. The numbers next to these icons will act as a guide for which icons mean what.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips

1) Zzz- This means a building is inactive. In other words, it's not currently earning you any profit. Click on these buildings to start new tasks.

2) The Sheriff Star- This is the Mayor's icon. You will immediately be able to identify the location of the Mayor when you see this.

3) ?- This indicates an active Quest. Click on it to see the current status.

4) !- This indicates a new Quest that has not yet been activated. Click on it to add it to the Quest list on the left and view the requirements.

5) Coins, Resources, etc- This means a building is ready to be Collected. Click on it to collect whatever affiliated resource is ready.

  • You've got the hang of Food and Wood and why they're important, now it's time for you to learn how to earn Coins. You will need them to purchase new buildings. To do this, build a Shop, assign a shopkeeper, and set it to work. Munchkins will pay for shop goods, earning you Coins!

  • When viewing the steps or requirements of a Quest, you will instantly be able to see any current tasks that are done or yet to be completed. You may choose to click the "?" icons for more specific information on that particular step, or you may choose to skip a step or Quest entirely by spending Emeralds. You will also be able to see the reward you'll receive upon completing the Quest. The choice is yours.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • When your Food resource buildings are busy, much like the gathering resources above, you will be able to use an individual Munchkin to gather more food. To do this, drag and place a Munchkin at the shore of a body of water. The icon "Release to fish this spot" should appear. Click to cast your line, then wait for a fish to bite. Once a fish has bitten, click the "Reel!" button to reel it in! But wait, there's one other small detail- don't reel in too fast! When the meter turns red, release your mouse click to release tension on the line. Once it's a lighter color like green again, click and hold "Reel!". Repeat this process until your fish has been caught.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Now you're probably wondering how this all comes into play with Dorothy following the Yellow Brick Road. Well, it's time to build an Ore Depot! Place, build, and assign a worker to the depot just like you did with the previous buildings. Now, after selecting a job for them, you will also need to select a specific plot for them to mine in. Different plots have different richness levels of ore, and each can only be mined a certain number of times.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Once the allotted amount of time has passed for your various buildings, you will be able to collect your various resources before setting them to task again. You may also choose to skip the waiting time by paying in Emeralds.

  • Once you've collected Yellow Ore, you will need a Brick Factory. Build one of these, assign a worker, then once you fulfill all the requirements needed for the job, set them to work processing the Yellow Ore. Once completed, you will obtain Yellow Bricks! These will be shown at the lower right corner of your screen over the Road. Once you've collected enough, you will be able to travel to the Yellow Brick Road.

  • Every time you add Yellow Bricks to the Yellow Brick Road, you will discover gifts left by the Munchkins. You will be able to choose a single gift from each row, and they vary greatly! Toggle your cursor over each to decide which is right for you before you make a decision.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Once you've collected all your gifts from the Yellow Brick Road, return Home via the button in the lower right corner.

  • Visiting Friends can be a very helpful feature. Once in their world, you can click on various buildings with icons over them to help them with tasks. Helping a neighbor will give you special rewards, such as Coins, Energy and Collectibles.

  • You may have noticed while toggling around your world that there are darker, border areas to your town. Moving your cursor over these areas will reveal that you can unlock new sections of land one large square at a time. To unlock these sections of land, you will need to fulfill certain requirements, which are displayed upon clicking on it. To view how to fulfill these requirements, simply toggle your cursor over the various resources or items, which will give you a specific description on how to find or earn it.

Wizard of Oz cheats tips
Wizard of Oz cheats tips
  • Finally, build a Town Hall! Town Halls can turn out Titles and Deeds, which you will need for various expansions and upgrades. You can also recruit friends to work here. The higher their combined levels, the more the Town Hall will pay out.

  • Collectibles can be found by chance by collecting resources and payout from various buildings. Certain buildings offer chances at finding certain collectibles.

Tips and Tricks

  • When building a structure that requires a certain number of clicks to be completed, you do not have to click once, wait until it's finished, then click again, etc. You can click the maximum number of times you wish right off the bat, provided you have enough energy. This can make the process much faster.

  • Returning to the game consecutive days in a row will offer you rare rewards! As such, try to visit the game several days in a row, and see what rare rewards you are given.

  • Want to change the appearance of your Mayor? Not to worry, you can do this at any time simply by clicking the Mayor.

  • Enter the Munchkin-cam, a first-person view of the world as seen through the eyes of one of your Munchkin residents, by clicking on them once. You can exit the view at any time by clicking elsewhere.

  • Depending on the type of object you are mining or chopping, the speed at which the bar moves across the meter will vary. The rarer the resource, the faster the bar will move.

  • Each time you select a resource building, you will be asked to assign a certain job to the worker there. As you level up, you can pay more to assign more rewarding jobs. Try assigning these larger jobs whenever you can to more efficiently collect resources.

  • Visit your friends everyday! Visiting and helping friends will offer you additional rewards on a daily basis.

  • Every time you access something via the Build menu, you can view how much it costs, the reward output, and how quickly or often that reward is output, by hovering your cursor over the selection prior to purchase. Use this to your advantage when deciding whether or not to purchase upgrades, or trying to find the building that can offer something you need.

  • When your Energy bar is filled to the maximum and won't charge anymore, the word "Maximum" will appear beneath it. In the event that you level up or earn more energy while the bar is at this level, not to worry- the excess amount will simply be added on top of the energy you already have, so nothing will go to waste.

  • It's a good rule of thumb to always have your basic resource buildings at work, so you will always readily have Food, Wood, and Yellow Ore available. These are the first buildings you should be putting to use when you enter the game in order to make the most of your time and resources.

Congratulations! You have completed Gamezebo's quick start guide for The Wizard of Oz. Be sure to check back often for game updates, staff and user reviews, user tips, forums comments and much more here at Gamezebo!