Wooga looks to revolutionize the hidden object scene with Pearl's Peril


Most major developers have made their way into the hidden object genre at one time or another, from Zynga's Hidden Chronicles to EA's JetSet Secrets, but Wooga looks to one-up its competitors by creating a game that will offer weekly, story-based content releases and will be available to play on both Facebook and mobile devices.

As reported by Gamezebo and confirmed by the game's official Facebook fan page, Pearl's Peril takes us back to the 1930's as we follow star pilot Pearl Wallace on her journey to discover the cause of her father's recent passing. Pearl has inherited a strange island full of secrets and treasures, and repairing it back to its former beauty will give you something to do when you're not completing a variety of hidden object scenes.

The storyline of Pearl's Peril has been written by industry veteran Steven-Elliot Altman, with new chapters being prepared for release each week after the game's launch. Let's hope that this limited release schedule still offers enough content for diehard fans to play the game seven days in a row before running out of things to do. We'll make sure to dive into the game when it launches on Facebook later this year, but if you're interested in getting into the game as well, you can now sign up for updates at the game's official Facebook page.

Pearl's Peril will launch on Facebook on March 5, and is set to release on mobile sometime in Q2 of this year.

Are you excited for Pearl's Peril on Facebook? Do you think Wooga's hidden object game will be able to stand up to other games that have already been released? Sound off in the comments!