How to catch the melodic Pokemon, Meloetta, at GameStop next month


You've seen the teaser for this goofy little critter a few weeks back. Now, it's time to learn how to nab yourself one of these bad boys (girls ... I don't know?). Known as Meloetta, this "Mythical Melody" Pokemon can be yours should you visit a local GameStop with a 3DS or DS system in hand--along with a copy of Pokemon Black 2 or White 2--between March 4 (next Monday) and March 24. But before we get into that, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company have revealed all the juicy details on how this pocket monster ticks.

First of all, we already knew that Meloetta has the unique ability to change its type in the middle of battle with a special attack. We now know that this special ability is called Relic Song, an ability that can only be bestowed upon Meloetta after hearing the tunes of a guitarist located in Castelia City. This attack deals damage and switches Meloetta's type from Normal and Psychic to Normal and Fighting.

Luckily, when players receive their Meloetta from a GameStop, it will already come equipped with the following powerful attacks at Level 50 in its Normal/Psychic type Aria Forme: Close Combat, Teeter Dance, Psychic, and Round. Now, just try and strategize with or against a Pokemon that can switch types at a whim. Who are we kidding, some of you nerds have been playing these games for nearly 15 years--you'll figure it out.

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