Listing Fail: Two Not-So-'Sparkling' Homes

Home with 'sparkling' pool
Home with 'sparkling' pool

Unless your home has Swarovski crystals studding its walls or dangling from glass chandeliers in every room, we'd strongly suggest against calling it "sparkling." Still, it's a descriptor that's used frequently, albeit erroneously, in many listings and it annoys us as much as "stunning" and "cavernous."

Take, for example, this listing in Phoenix (pictured above). We have two issues with this home, which has, as described, a "sparkling POOL!" One, just because it's filled with water does not mean it is "sparkling." Two, even if the pool were sparkling like a diamond earring, you wouldn't even notice thanks to the dirty, unfinished backyard surrounding it! (Though we will say that, relative to the home's unpleasing backyard, the pool appears somewhat luminous -- as would anything.)

Then there's this listing in Louisville, Ky. (pictured above). The listing describes a "sparkling home" with "fresh paint." While we don't doubt the home is freshly painted, unless the paint is infused with glitter or reflective properties, we don't see how this home "sparkles" in the least.

Thanks to our pals at Curbed for the tips!

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