ChefVille 'A French Introduction' Quests: Everything you need to know


As part of the new Crepe Ribbon event in ChefVille, Rock has arrived with a set of quests of his own. He's nervous about his first date with Madeline, and needs your help learning more about Madeline's French heritage. There are three quests in the "A French Introduction" series, and we're here with a look at them to get you started. Let's go!

An Aussie in France

  • Get 7 Provence Prompts

  • Cook 5 Caprese Salads

  • Have a French Sauce Station

The Provence Prompts are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, but since you can only earn five items from one news post, you'll need to either earn the other two from friends' posts as they work on this event as well, or wait until you can post the request again after a few hours.

Either way, you can cook the French Sauce Station while you're waiting after placing it and unwrapping it with three energy. Unfortunately, this item is only available to those players that have finished the "Love Au Francais" quest in Madeline's "A Date with Crepes" series, which requires you to earn at least nine Ribbons on the new Crepe Station.

Needless to say, that makes the time limit on these quests event shorter, since you can't even begin to complete these quests until you've already done a tone of cooking elsewhere in this event. As a final note, the Caprese Salads are cooked using five Tomatoes, one Mozzarella and two Pepper each. They each take five minutes to prepare.

Flowers and Panini

  • Visit Neighbors' Restaurants 5 Times

  • Cook 2 Grilled Steak Paninis

  • Harvest 10 Wild Mushrooms

It doesn't look like you'll need to actually complete any tasks in your neighbors' restaurants, you'll just need to visit them. As for the Grilled Steak Paninis, they are prepared over on the Grill using four Sirloin Beef, two Wheat Bread, and five Onions each. They each take six hours to prepare, but you should be able to cook them both at once since you can have two Grills in your restaurant at once).

Hearty Appetite

  • Get 6 Normandy Notions

  • Serve Wild Mushroom Salad 4 Times

  • Cook 5 Times with Sirloin Beef

The Normandy Notions are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Wild Mushroom Salads are prepared in the Salad Station using one Romaine Lettuce, one Mushroom, and two Tomatoes each. These quests will only be available for six days - good luck!

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What do you think of this challenging quest line in ChefVille? Will you pay Chef Cash to quickly unlock the French Sauce Station, or will you work to unlock it for free? Sound off in the comments!

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