Unleash the power of trains on a horde of the undead in Zombies & Trains, now on Android


After being released on iOS at the beginning of February, Norwegian developer Dragonhead Games has brought Zombies & Trains to Android, allowing millions of additional gamers to get in on the fun of smashing zombies with, you guessed it, trains.

Zombies & Trains is a twist on the tower defense genre that sees a prize being placed somewhere in the level, and train tracks surrounding it. By tapping on the rail lines, you'll be able to send trains left, right, up, or down across your Android or iOS device's screen, killing all of the zombies that happen to be wandering on the rails at the time. As you might have guessed, the object of each game is to protect your prize or base from the zombies while also fulfilling each mode's particular requirement. Zombies & Trains comes with multiple gameplay modes, from the classic Arcade mode that asks you to simply survive for as long as possible to the Crossing mode that asks you to survive for just a single 60 second period.

Power-ups can cause the trains to light the rails on fire for a short amount of time, while bombs may kill all zombies on the screen if they get too close to the prize. These items are unlocked with the coins you earn while playing, but they can also be purchased using real world money. As we've said time and time again, it seems wrong for a developer to charge for a game and then add in microtranscations, but that's a trend we don't see stopping anytime soon.

Either way, if you've got a buck to spare and own an iOS or Android device, you can now purchase Zombies & Trains for $0.99.

Download Zombies & Trains on iOS for $0.99 >

Download Zombies & Trains on Google Play for $0.99 >

Have you tried Zombies & Trains on either iOS or Android? What do you think of this bizarre combination of enemies and weapons? Sound off in the comments!