Outrun a giant space worm in Worm Run on iOS


As the daring space janitor Zeke Tallahassee, you've likely seen your fair share of interesting messes. Thankfully, most of those messes likely don't try to eat you. In Golden Ruby Games' Worm Run, Zeke finds himself in a new predicament, as a giant space worm wants nothing more than to make Zeke his lunch!

Worm Run is an iOS endless runner that sees Zeke running from the giant space worm, but the game is about much more than just running in a single direction. Using swipe controls, you'll need to guide Zeke over platforms, around corners, up walls, and much more as you work survive for as long as possible. Grubies, the game's currency, are scattered throughout each stage, but many are located near obstacles like lava pits, spikes, disappearing platforms, and ice blocks, just to name a few.

The game costs $0.99 to download, and is now available for purchase on iOS. We'll have a complete review of the game for you in the coming days, but for now, check out the trailer above for another look at what to expect from this one.

Download Worm Run on iOS for $0.99 >

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