Runaway's Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary flies onto iOS thanks to DeNA


Runaway's short-lived Facebook game Flutter has been given new life thanks to the company's partnership with DeNA, as the pair have announced Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary, a new installment in the Flutter series available for iPhone and iPad.

Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary looks to have much more cartoonish graphics than the original Flutter game, as players are given the chance to care for a piece of a tropical rainforest, complete with dozens of unique butterflies that grow and change in appearance as players progress. In order to attract new butterflies to the rainforest, gamers can purchase specific plants from the store, with the overall goal being to create a lush environment for these winged beauties.

"It's our mission to create great games inspired by nature," said Tim Nixon, director at Runaway, via a company release. "This area of focus gives us a huge world of wonder to draw upon for characters and stories, while still being able to craft a unique style and feel to our games. Flutter is our best work to date and it finds a wonderful balance between factual authenticity and the magic of gameplay."

Similar to a game like Pocket Frogs, Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary contains its own "Flutterpedia" that keeps track of the species of butterflies you've unlocked, and you'll be able to feed and combine butterflies to form new varieties. The game is free to download across both iPhone and iPad, so if you're ready to dive once more into the butterfly-themed world of Flutter, you can do so right now!

Download Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary on iOS >

Have you tried Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary? How do you think this mobile Flutter game compares to the original on Facebook? Sound off in the comments!