FarmVille 2 Vanilla Heirloom Recipes: Everything you need to know


You might already be satisfied with the amount of crafting recipes available in FarmVille 2's Crafting Kitchen. But Zynga always releases more. In fact, the developer has released a brand new "Heirloom Recipe" feature to the Crafting Kitchen that will see new recipes released for a very limited time to encourage players to come back for more.

The first set of Heirloom Recipes revolves around the Vanilla plant, which has been re-released in their honor. The Vanilla is planted for 80 coins per square and harvested after four hours. If you never reached the Blue Ribbon level of mastery for this plant, you've got two days to do so, as your progress from before is still intact here, letting you pick up right where you left off. As for the three recipes, you can now use that Vanilla to eventually craft Vanilla Butterscotch Bundt cakes.

The first recipe in this trio is Vanilla Cream, which is prepared using five Vanilla and four Milk. You'll receive eight XP each time you create a batch of Vanilla Cream, and a single batch is sold for 1,230 coins.

The second recipe is Vanilla Butterscotch Filling, which is created with one Vanilla Cream and three Butterscotch candies. The Butterscotch is earned through individual requests to your neighbors. Once you've collected enough to make Vanilla Butterscotch Filling, you'll receive 12 XP for each one you create, which are worth 2,050 coins each.

Finally, The Vanilla Butterscotch Bundt recipe is created using one Vanilla Butterscotch Filling and one Batter. The Batter is created using Wheat, Flour, and Eggs. Crafting a Vanilla Butterscotch Bundt gives you 25 XP, and you can sell each one for 4,260 coins. Remember though, these recipes will only be available for two more days, so make sure to craft as many of these bundt cakes as you can to make the most coins possible within that time frame.

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What do you think of this new Heirloom Recipes feature? Which other crops would you like to see re-released in the game? Let us know in the comments!