CoasterVille: Upgrade your park with these new Jungle items


If you're still not satisfied with the amount of Jungle-themed items in your theme park after the huge item release earlier this month, Zynga has released even more items to help you out. These items will be available for the next 84 days, and there are items available for both Park Cash and coins. Whatever the case, we're here with a look at the new items in this Jungle theme, so let's get started!

Cursed Cave

  • Costs: 240 coins

  • Adds 65 Popularity Points to your park

  • Produces 280 Thrill Points every 16 hours

Shipwreck Restaurant

  • Costs: 120 coins

  • Produces 280 coins for every 420 guests served

Grand Jungle Arch

  • Costs: 16 Park Cash

  • Adds 34 Popularity Points to your park

Stone Idol

  • Costs: 53,000 coins

  • Adds 36 Popularity Points to your park

Ancient Totem

  • Costs: 101,500 coins

  • Adds 42 Popularity Points to your park

While this release may not be a huge one, it at least comes with a couple of really cheap coin items that you can add to your park from a fairly low level. Remember, most of these items will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to purchase them as fast as you can before they expire.

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Will you purchase any of these new Jungle-themed items in CoasterVille? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!