EA goes all-in with World Series of Poker on Facebook


If you don't have enough virtual poker in your life, Electronic Arts and Caesars Interactive have a new offering for you, as the two have partnered to release World Series of Poker on Facebook. Previously released on iOS and Android, players can now take part in cross-platform tournaments with their mobile friends back on Facebook.

Just as in the real World Series of Poker, this Facebook / mobile offering allows players to go after virtual rings and bracelets in tournaments, and players that are really into the game can even sign up to become a VIP via the game's paid subscription service. These VIPS gain access to stat trackers, VIP only tables and more, with VIP upgrades starting at $5 for a 35 day upgrade.

Adding to the experience is a real-time chat window that will allow you to befriend strangers from around the world, or even brag about how great you're doing as you take their chips. And since the game is already available on iOS and Android, you won't have to worry about running out of opponents here, as the game comes with a built-in player base that's ready to take you on. If you're interested in trying your hand at World Series of Poker, you can now play the game for free on Facebook.

Play World Series of Poker on Facebook >

What do you think of EA's take on the World Series of Poker license? Do you prefer to play your poker games on your smartphones / tablets, or on your computer? Sound off in the comments!