Travel back in time to save an ancient race in Hidden Land on iPad


In Game Insight's newest iPad hidden object game, Hidden Land HD, players will begin an adventure in a seemingly normal archaeological dig site, only to discover a portal that allows them to travel back in time! Playing as the Chosen One and challenged with saving an ancient civilization, interested gamers will complete a variety of hidden object scenes in and around this magical land.

Hidden Land comes with multiple locations for hidden object scenes, and also looks to contain multiple different kinds of hidden object scenes. Some may take place in the dark, asking you to find hidden objects with the use of a flashlight, while others may become covered with fog unless you continue to find objects. Hidden Land offers a quest system that pushes you through the storyline and also gives you experience points to level up and unlock additional features. If you're familiar with Game Insight's previous hidden object game Mirrors of Albion, Hidden Land looks pretty similar to that in terms of user interface and general gameplay setup, but the theme is definitely new.

We'll have a complete review of Hidden Land in the coming days, but if you just can't wait to dive into this new iPad hidden object game, you can now download the game for free on iTunes.

Download Hidden Land HD on iTunes >

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