ChefVille 'Another Name for Sauce' Quests: Everything you need to know

Along with the "Pans on Fire" Flambe Station quests in ChefVille, daring chefs can also complete the new Worcestershire Sauce Station and its quests: Another Name for Sauce. Like the Pans on Fire quests, these are timed, and they'll only be available for nine days. We're here with a look at these quests to get you started, so let's go!


  • Place and Build the Worcestershire Sauce Station

  • Tend Friends' Flour Crates 6 Times

  • Craft Worcestershire Sauce 4 Times

The Worcestershire Sauce Station can be placed via this quest window and unwrapped with three energy. You'll need to collect five Sauce Bottles and six Fermenting Barrels in order to finish it off. The Sauce Bottles are earned via a general request posted on your news feed, while the Barrels come from individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. When you finish this Station, you can create Worcestershire Sauce using three Cloves, two Onions, and two Salt. The Sauce takes two minutes to create.

Once you run out of Cloves, you can earn more by planting Clove Trees in your restaurant. They each cost 200 coins and can be harvested instantly. Each tree can be harvested once every 10 minutes, and each tree has four harvests available in total before disappearing. You can also earn Cloves at random by tending trees in your friends' restaurants. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive two Sirloin Beef, 10 XP, and three Mushrooms.

Kitchen Helper

  • Cook Vegetable Skewer Flambe 4 Times

  • Harvest 8 Tomatoes

  • Ask for 3 Secret Worcestershire Sauce Recipes

The Tomatoes can be harvested once every two minutes, while the Secret Worcestershire Sauce Recipes are earned by sending out individual requests to some of your ChefVille neighbors. Finally, you'll need to cook the Vegetable Skewer Flambe dishes over on the Flambe Station, so make sure to check out our guide to building that particular appliance if you still need to catch up.

We'll update this space as we learn more about the Another Name for Sauce quests, so stick with us!

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What do you think of this Worcestershire Sauce Station? Do you think you'll be able to complete these quests before they expire? Sound off in the comments!

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