3 Companies That Rely on the Bakken


In the following video interview with Aimee Duffy, Tyler Crowe recommends three companies with concentrated portfolios in the Bakken. He is bullish on the trio for the long term, as he believes that oil from the Bakken will supplant pricier Brent and Alaskan crude in refineries on both the East Coast and the West Coast.

His No. 1 pick is Continental Resources, the largest landholder in the Bakken, which accounts for 13% of all oil production in the region. Continental was fortunate enough to have purchased its land early and cheap, and its production has been picking up. Thanks to increasing prices that made oil in the Three Forks financially viable and countable, it just doubled its proven reserves from a month ago.

Tyler's next pick is Whiting Petroleum, the second largest landholder and the top producer in the Bakken. He lauds the company's efficiency in drilling wells.

Finally, for a more speculative pure play, Tyler pitches Kodiak Oil & Gas. This company derives 100% of its revenues from the Bakken and enjoys strong growth.

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