Things you need to own from Gameloft [Giveaway]


Do you know what day it is? That's right, it's February 22nd and you all know what that means, five days have passed since Random Acts of Kindness Day. Okay, we admittedly missed it but being fashionably late to celebrate this holiday has its share of perks, mind you. We've teamed up with Gameloft for a belated holiday giveaway packed with Ice Age, Shark Dash, Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony gear! It's just another great excuse to share kindness with the kindest people we know, our readers.

The grand prize includes all of the awesome items seen in the photo above:

  • Ice Age Beanie Babies (the crew's all here)

  • Shark Dash T-Shirt

  • Shark Dash Key Floater

  • Shark Dash iPhone 4/4S, iPad (2nd, 3rd, 4th gen) protective skin

  • Three Littlest Pet Shop toys

  • Ponyville T-Shirt

The less-grand-but-still-great prize includes:

  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour T-Shirt (below)

  • Two Ice Age Beanie Babies of our choice

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour t-shirt
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour t-shirt

All other prize winners will receive two Ice Age Beanie Babies of our choice.

To enter the giveaway, you must be a resident of the US. Follow the instructions below:

  • Post a comment on this page about anything, just keep it appropriate. Spam will be ignored, we're looking for some good conversation here.

  • Hit the "Subscribe by e-mail" button. You'll get a e-mail notification anytime someone leaves a comment.

  • That's it! We'll select the 30th comment as the Grand Prize winner. We will randomly select all other winners.

  • Keep a look out: We'll contact the winners by replying to their own comments, providing our e-mail address to privately discuss shipping details.

For your viewing pleasure, we've compiled a photo gallery succinctly titled "Sad Ice Age Beanie Babies longingly staring out of a window, waiting with anticipation until their rightful owner claims them with the promise of a lifetime of fun." Enjoy.


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