Most Employers Don't Bother To Respond To Job Applications, Survey Finds

job seekers rude employers hiringIt's become the most frustrating aspect of the job search in recent years: silence. You submit your application online and then it goes into what has been called the resume "black hole." Despite using keywords and attaching a stellar cover letter, you receive no response from the employer -- not even a note of rejection.

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Now, a new survey by CareerBuilder, a sponsor of AOL Jobs, finds that employer rudeness is no longer the exception but the rule. Of the 3,900 people surveyed, 25 percent said they had a bad experience as a job applicant at some point, whether that was the employer not bothering to acknowledge the application or not letting them know the decision after the interview. But even more disconcerting, of the 1,083 respondents who said they'd applied for a job in the last year, a whopping 75 percent of them said they hadn't heard back from at least one employer.

Recent research by staffing industry consulting firm CareerXRoads found that even companies revered for their employee relations treated job candidates poorly. The firm conducted an experiment in which it created a resume for a fictional job seeker, "Charles Brown," and submitted it to open positions at every company on Fortune's 2012 list of the Best Companies to Work For. It found that only 28 percent of the companies even bothered to notify Brown that he didn't get the job. "That indicates that most companies still lack a basic understanding of how they should be managing candidates," the report said.

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