Cars characters rev up to take on Disney Infinity this year


After teasing Disney game and movie fans across the Disney Infinity Twitter and Facebook fan pages, Disney Interactive has finally unveiled the fourth property that will be represented in the company's take on Skylanders: Cars. This Cars Play Set will bring levels and environments specific to the Cars franchise to life within the world of Disney Infinity, complete with characters like Lightning McQueen, Mater, Holley Shiftwell, and Francesco Bernoulli.

The Cars Play Set will take gamers into the world of Radiator Springs, which is about to host a huge international racing event. The game will allow players to customize Radiator Springs in preparation of the event, along with allowing them to actually race through the city. With the inclusion of Mater to the mix, players will be able to tow vehicles out of the way to make room for new tourists on Route 66. There's even a stunt park where daring racers can try to pull off some sweet new moves.


Over in the game's general Toy Box Mode, which mixes characters and environments from multiple Disney properties, Cars fans can use a variety of themed items in the Toy Box, like pieces of race tracks that these new automotive characters will be able to utilize. In anticipation of the launch of Disney Infinity, the company has released a new trailer and set of screenshots that we've included here for you to check out.

Keep checking back with us as we get closer to Disney Infinity's launch later this year, as we'll bring you more details about the game's characters, environments, and play sets as we learn more.

Are you excited to see that Cars characters will be available in Disney Infinity? Which other Disney properties do you hope are also included in the final game? Sound off in the comments!