ChefVille 'Pure Protein' Quests: Everything you need to know


The newest cross-promotion to launch in ChefVille brings Pure Protein to the game via the Pure Protein Boost Bar. This isn't just a "bar" like a piece of food, but an actual bar that you walk up to in order to be served. It's been released via a series of two appropriately named "Pure Protein" quests, and we're here with a guide to on how to finish them off.

Pure Protein

  • Place and Staff the Pure Protein Boost Bar

  • Cook 6 Wild Mushroom Salads 6 times

  • Tend Neighbors' Pure Protein Boost Bars 5 Times

The Pure Protein Boost Bar is two squares wide, and it must be unwrapped using three energy. From there, you'll need to ask just two friends to come work as staff at the bar in order to finish it off. As you might have guessed, this Protein Bar is used to earn free energy, and you'll receive three free energy every 24 hours. Once you've harvested the item 14 times, the free energy pool will run dry.

As for the Wild Mushroom Salads, you'll be able to cook these on the Salad Station using one Romaine Lettuce, one Mushroom, and two Tomatoes. The dish takes just two minutes to cook, and while you're waiting on it, you can work on tending your friends' Protein Boost Bars, if they've already finished them off as well. Completing this first quest gives you three extra energy, 20 coins, and 10 XP.

Let's Shake All Day

  • Ask for 8 Pure Protein Shakes

  • Craft Ranch Dressing 6 Times

  • Serve Caprese Salad 10 Times

The Caprese Salads each take five Tomatoes, one Mozzarella, and two Pepper to create over a period of five minutes. As for those Ranch Dressings, they each take one Milk, four Onions, and two Ginger to complete. Finally, the Pure Protein Shakes are earned by posting a general news post to your wall, asking your friends for help. These quests will only be available for the next 12 days, so we wish you luck in finishing them off in time!

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