Oklahoma Apartment Complex Threatens to Evict Tenants for Police Visits

Gateway of Edmond notice to tenants
Gateway of Edmond notice to tenants

Residents of an apartment complex in Edmond, Okla., are a bit taken aback after management sent around flyers threatening eviction for anyone who has police sent to their apartment, Tulsa TV station KWTV reported. "If police are called to your apartment for any reason, your lease will be subject to immediate termination," the flyer reads. It's an attempt by the complex, called the Gateway of Edmond, to clean up its image after being ridiculed for the amount of crime there, KWTV said.

Many reviews of the complex posted to ApartmentRatings.com complain about "gang fights" and "gunshots outside." The most recent reviews, posted in December, have been more complimentary, though -- a reflection of management's attempt to raise the profile of the complex. Part of its push to clean up its image has included new paint, remodeled units and a new playground and fitness center. Still, some tenants were not pleased when the flyers went out.

"Honestly, I was a little taken aback by it," said one tenant who declined to be identified. "It is a little threatening." But another tenant saw the positive side of the notices, saying: "I don't want my kids around people that are less than desirable," the woman said.

Pam Tipton, the supervisor of Gateway, admitted that the flyers may have been a bit too strong. "It shouldn't say that because we want them [residents] to call the police if it's needed," she said. But she added, "I do want to clean [the apartment complex] up. We want to make it better." KWTV pointed out, though, that another tenant told the station that after she called police a few weeks ago, she was evicted. It wasn't clear what the resident's reason was for calling the police.

Is this a case of a landlord going too far with eviction threats? Among some recent reasons that made the news: An elderly Atlanta woman was given an eviction notice for burning her dinner in the oven, and a Spice Girls fan was recently booted from his apartment for blasting one of the group's songs on repeat. But every tenant should know what landlords can evict you for and what tenants' rights are in eviction.