ChefVille 'This Calls for Cake' Quests: Everything you need to know


Observant chefs probably noticed the addition of Cake Batter as an option within the ChefVille Mixers. But we've just learned what the addition was for. Ever since ChefVille first launched, players have been longing to cook desserts, and it's finally that time via the release of the Cake Oven, Cake Display Case, and more. There are two quests series (so far) in this sweet event, starting with the non-timed quests "This Calls for Cake." Here's how to have your cake and eat it, too, through these quests.

An Intro to Cake

  • Place and Finish the Cake Oven

  • Place the Cake Display Case

  • Visit 5 Neighbors

The Cake Oven has an unusual shape, as it's long and narrow, rather than a fat square or rectangle. Whether this helps you organize it into your virtual kitchen remains to be seen. Either way, it must be unwrapped using three energy and from there, you can finish it off by collecting four Round Pans, five Cake Racks, four Serving Sets, and five Battered Bowls. The Round Pans and Serving Sets are earned by posting general news posts on your wall, while the other two items are earned via individual requests sent directly to your neighbors.

As for the Cake Display Case, this is another long, narrow item that comes fully built. It's empty at first, but you'll fill it by baking Cakes. We'll get into the specifics of that in a bit. Once you complete this first quest, you'll receive four Eggs and four

Milk. You'll also unlock Cake Batter for crafting inside the Mixer.

Light N Fluffy

  • Have a Completed Egg Crate

  • Collect 7 Dessert Forks

  • Bake 4 Angel Food Cakes

The Egg Crate is purchased from the store and finished using five Corrugated Papers. These Corrugated Papers are earned by posting a general news request to your feed. If you already have one in your restaurant before starting this quest, you shouldn't have to build another one for it to count (in theory). As for the Angel Food Cakes, these are prepared using one Sugar, two Flour, and two Eggs each. The dish takes just 10 minutes to cook. Completing this quest gives you four Unsalted Butter, two Apples, and 20 XP.

Gourmet Gateau

  • Tend a Lemon Tree 2 Times

  • Bake with 2 Lemons on Angel Fruit Cake

  • Earn Gourmet Mastery for Angel Fruit Cake

Now is as good of a time as any to explore how cakes are different than most other dishes we've ever cooked in the game. Instead of only using the dish's basic ingredients, you can also add "Gourmet Ingredients" to earn the chance of creating a "Gourmet Dessert" and "Gourmet Mastery" points. These cake dishes still come with regular Mastery Stars, as Gourmet Mastery is a completely different feature. By adding Lemons to this Angel Food Cake, you'll have a chance to earn a Gourmet Dessert when it's done. Once you earn two "Gourmet" Angel Food Cakes, you'll earn the Gourmet Mastery ribbon for that particular dish. It's a complicated process, but it should be easy to understand once you try it out yourself. After you've finished this final quest in the series, you'll receive four Oranges, two Carrots, and 50 coins.

As we continue to cook desserts in ChefVille, we'll continue to be required to earn Gourmet Mastery by using "Gourmet" ingredients. Stick with us for more on this feature, and good luck completing these quests in your own restaurant!

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What do you think of this new Cake and Gourmet Mastery system in ChefVille? Will you only focus on earning regular Mastery Stars, or will you try to earn Gourmet Mastery on all of these cakes as well? Sound off in the comments!