ChefVille Aftertaste: Why are land expansions becoming harder to earn?


As if ChefVille players didn't have enough to worry about, with the constant release of new quest series, cooking appliances and ingredient stalls, now we've been given additional unnecessary challenges when it comes to unlocking new land expansions to hold the game's new content. Starting with the Japanese Fish Market and expanding into the Bavarian Market and "Taste of Thai" square, three of the game's expansion squares have been taken over with hefty requirements before they can ever be unlocked.

All three of these squares require players to earn dozens of mastery stars in a particular kind of cooking. For the Japanese Fish Market, players must earn Mastery Stars on sushi dishes, as an example. In the Taste of Thai expansion, players must earn Mastery Stars on the new Terrific Thai Station. The full amount of Mastery Stars for this particular expansion is literally impossible to earn as of this writing, as the upgrades to the Terrific Thai Station simply haven't been released.

What happened to just earning overall Mastery Stars, across all of our appliances, and using those to unlock expansions? Sure, some expansion squares may have required 250, 300 or more Mastery Stars to unlock, but we weren't locked into earning these stars via one particular type of cooking appliance, using tons of the exact same ingredients in a slow, overly challenging process.

Perhaps the loss of these land expansions to such difficult requirements wouldn't be such a huge issue if item storage were available outside of the first 50 storage slots, but as it stands, expanding into new pieces of land is one of the only ways that we can keep our restaurants orderly, and there simply aren't enough squares available as it is. Players shouldn't be forced to cook only a small portion of the game's dishes to earn land expansions, especially if they're a lower-level player, as these expansions are then even harder to unlock still.

Across all of Zynga's games, it seems that there's an unnecessary obsession with making things more complex, more difficult, and more time consuming, all in an attempt to encourage to players to spend real money to complete tasks, but you know what? Most of the time, less is definitely more.

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Have you managed to unlock any of these appliance-based land expansions, or are you still struggling to cook sushi, German, or Thai dishes? Sound off in the comments!