Sony's PlayStation 4 lands holiday 2013, controller and more revealed

Sony PS4 controller
Sony PS4 controller

As everyone expected, Sony revealed its next gaming console during a press event in New York City ... but not entirely. After a number of details including a brief breakdown of its internal specs, its Dual Shock 4 controller and the new PlayStation Eye accessory, the physical console, a price point and an exact release date remain behind the curtain.

Granted, the latter two points should have been expected by no one. However, to draw enormous hype not to mention media from around the globe to NYC on a frigid February night only to keep the matter at hands under wraps (at least literally) sounds a tad ludicrous. A number of developers and executives marched on stage to reveal projects in the works for the upcoming PlayStation 4.

Those games include action adventure Knack, sci-fi shooter Killzone: Shadow Fall, hyper realistic racer Driveclub, dark superhero action game Infamous: Second Son and news that Jonathan Blow's The Witness will debut on PS4 before any other platform. A number of tech demos were also shown, including a first look at Capcom's first project for the new console, code named Deep Down and developed using a brand new engine known as Panta Rhei.

Square-Enix also took this opportunity to show off Agni's Philosophy demo once again. And Bungie paid a visit to speak more about its brand new ambitious project Destiny, which will launch for both PS3 and PS4. While Sony's first extensive look at what the PlayStation 4 will offer lacked some key points (e.g. what the damned thing looks like), it explained the console's mission quite well. The PS4 is not only designed to improve the visual fidelity of games, but their accessibility and reach ... and frankly, the grip they have on our everyday lives.

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