Pudding Monsters heads to the big city with free 'City Tour' update


After releasing Pudding Monsters late last year, Cut the Rope developer ZeptoLab has announced the launch of the first free update to the game: City Tour. This City Tour update looks to bring much more challenge to the game than what's found in the core package, answering a complaint that many users had about the initial product.

In addition to various bug fixes and iCloud support for iOS save data storage, the City Tour update to Pudding Monsters will bring 25 new levels to the experience, along with arrow tiles, magnetic forcefields and more. These arrow tiles will quickly slide monsters across the screen, while magnetic monsters will emit charges that pull in nearby monsters towards them. All throughout this update, players will also experience bright new graphics that reflect the skyscrapers and non-stop action of a big city.


This Pudding Monsters: City Tour update will launch tomorrow, and it will be free for all players that have previously purchased the game. Obviously, it will also be available for new players that download the game for the first time moving forward. If you've yet to try the game for yourself, you can now download Pudding Monsters for $0.99 on either Android or iOS.

Download Pudding Monsters for $0.99 on iOS >

Download Pudding Monsters for $0.99 on Android >

Have you tried Pudding Monsters? Are you looking forward to this City Tour update? Sound off in the comments!