The (supposed) Sony PlayStation 4: What we know so far

Sony PS4
Sony PS4

Tonight, Sony is expected to pull the curtain back on one of the most anticipated gadgets in gaming this year: the (codename) Orbis, the next Sony PlayStation or, as most of community seems to have already dubbed it, the PS4. Leading up to the fated announcement, rumors and leaks have unsurprisingly appeared like swarms of 13-year-old girls at a One Direction sighting.

However, at least one of these leaks or rumors has to be with some merit, and they're all we have at the moment. Here's what we know about Sony's imminent new gaming console after lurking the internet for the juiciest rumors and leaks.

PS4 controller
PS4 controller

Will we need new entertainment centers?

Unfortunately, we know little to nothing of what the final console unit looks like. However, outlets report to have seen prototypes of the controller next to development kits. Notable features include a touch pad in the center of the controller and a Move-like LED light sitting at the top, suggest gyroscopic support. Other outlets, though, claim that the controller will have features that do not appear in these photos, so, like all rumors, take it all with a grain of salt. But you can bet we'll see it from every angle tonight.


How many hundreds?

What you should plan to put away this year leading to holiday 2013 (hopefully) for this piece of kit is a bit of knowledge that most likely will not be bestowed upon the masses tonight. That said, sources tell outlets to expect two models of the new machine priced at $429 and $529, respectively, which will be officially made note of until this summer.


It's what's on the inside that counts

This part of the rumor mill has been churning the most since even before Sony teased tonight's announcement. At this point, it appears that we have the full specs breakdown of the upcoming console. And by "full", we mean down to what's within the processor and the video card, not to mention how they're all to be laid out within the unit. Of course, we'd be surprised to see Sony execs get this down and dirty tonight on specs.

[Digital Foundry]

Back to the future ... literally

Rumors have it that Sony acquired game streaming service giant Gakai to power its backward-compatibility push with its new console. It makes sense all right, but what this also might mean is that the PS4 will operate with a different disc format. This syncs up with other reports that the new unit will sport a 50GB Blu-ray drive, leaving the older 25GB format in the dust.


Games and other miscellany

While few if any rumors point exactly to which games or studios will appear at tonight's event, expect plenty of Sony-signed studios to make major announcements of exclusive games. (Rumor has it The Last Guardian may make an appearance.) Not to mention tech demos will also likely be a major element to the show this evening as well as other features we know nothing about. At least that's the hope--otherwise this all would be kind of boring, no?


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