Pardon Me: Iconic Grey Poupon Ads Returning for the Oscars

Grey Poupon
Grey Poupon

This year's Academy Awards will see the return of a long-lost cinematic legend: the "Pardon Me" commercials for Grey Poupon mustard.

The Associated Press reports that the Dijon mustard brand will return to the airwaves more than 16 years after its "Pardon Me" ads last aired. Kraft will run an updated version of the ad during the Oscars on Feb. 24, and according to the AP report, we'll get to see what happens after the old man in the Rolls-Royce gets his hands on the requested condiment.

While we don't want to ruin the surprise, we can tell you that in true Hollywood fashion, a car chase ensues.

According to the AP, the return to the airwaves comes on the heels of dwindling market share for the brand, with share of the U.S. market falling from 13.7% to 11.4% over the last decade.

The original ad became something of a pop culture icon, spawning numerous parodies and references. Our favorite was this tribute in Wayne's World, in which Wayne and Garth pull up next to a snooty-looking man in a fancy car and ask the famous question.

If you can't wait until Oscar Night to watch the commercial, you can head over to Ad Age, which has a sneak peek. In a sign of the times, the new Grey Poupon ad will also feature a web element: At the end of the ad, viewers will be directed to, where they'll be able to see how the story ends. And they'll also be encouraged to talk about it on Twitter with the hashtag #PardonMe, because even mustard gets its own hashtag these days.

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