Chinese Military Denies Role in Cyber Attacks


The Chinese Army denied that it was behind a series of sophisticated cyber attacks that began as early as 2006. Someone else must have done it, despite proof provided by U.S. research firm Mandiant. Chinese officials claim that the "facts" show the People's Republic had no role in the bad behavior. However, those officials did not offer any facts of their own.

According to The New York Times:

Geng Yansheng, a spokesman for China's Ministry of National Defense, said that China had been the victim of cyber attacks that have originated in the U.S., and that Mandiant mischaracterized China's activities.

"Chinese military forces have never supported any hacking activities," Mr. Geng said at the press briefing. "The claim by the Mandiant company that the Chinese military engages in Internet espionage has no foundation in fact."

Perhaps Mandiant ought to do a study on how China could have been so flagrantly victimized.

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