What to expect from tomorrow's PS4 event (realistically)

Sony PS4We're just a day away from the eagerly awaited PlayStation event where Sony is widely expected to reveal the PlayStation 4. Weeks ago, Sony teased us with a brief video titled "#PlayStation2013", along with a headline that read: "See the Future." Of course, that's pretty vague. The future can mean a lot of things, but what will see? Assuming the event is indeed dedicated to the PlayStation 4 unveiling, let's take a look at what we can realistically expect Sony to reveal.PS4

The PS4 brand

The PlayStation 4 will be the star of the show, but don't expect Sony to get too specific. Let's not kid ourselves, this event is all about the glitz and glamor of a new console and nothing more. The thought of a new console is exciting enough without Sony needing to get into specifics -- at least this early in the game. We'll be introduced to the new PlayStation brand. Hopefully, it will be prettier than these.

Some exciting launch titles

What is PlayStation known for? The games! Leading up to this week, we've seen hints and teasers from several PlayStation developers, including Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway) and Evolution Studios (MotorStorm). Games from these exact developers may not be announced, but I expect some sort of launch title announcements to coincide with the PS4 reveal. The question is, what games? Will we see third-party titles like Bungie and Activision's recently revealed Destiny? They did say it was coming to "future platforms."PS4 controller

The actual console with controller

Sony is finally going to unveil the next PlayStation console. They need to have the actual PlayStation on stage -- even if its just a prototype. This event is too big to get away with simple concepts. We've already seen images of the early prototype controller; I'm expecting to see the final iteration at the event. Furthermore, Sony will provide a detailed rundown of the controller's functionality, including the widely speculated touchscreen feature.

Really pretty tech demos

Let's not confuse this with full-fledged gameplay demos. Instead, what we'll get are really pretty tech demos, or prototypes that clearly showcase the idea and performance of the PlayStation 4. When it's all said and done, we should have a good idea of the capabilities of the PS4. To play devil's advocate, don't be blinded by pretty visuals. As was the case of Aliens: Colonial Marines, the previews aren't necessarily a reflection of the final product.Gaikai PS4

Gaikai's role in the next-gen

There's been some rumors of late speculating the PS4 will stream PS3 games (and perhaps other titles) using some sort of Gaikai technology. I fully expect Sony to announce something regarding this. You just don't invest $380 million in a cloud-based gaming platform without looking at the overall big picture. I don't know for certain if streaming is the future of PlayStation, but I expect to come out of the event with a solid understanding of Gaikai's role with the PS4.

Of course, what we expect and what we want to be announced can sometimes be two totally different things. Check back today as we provide insight into topics that won't be addressed during tomorrow's event. In the meantime, let us know in the comments below what you would like to see Sony announce at the event?GameZone
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