CoasterVille 'Go for the Gold' Quest: Everything you need to know


If you're one that likes your quests short and simple, you'll love the newest quest that's been released in CoasterVille: Go for the Gold. This quest has just three steps to complete, and it can be finished by posting a single request to your news feed, asking your friends for help. We're here with a guide to this quest, and how you can finish it off yourself. Let's get started!

Go for the Gold!

  • Place the Golden Treasure Chest

  • Collect 5 Gold Keys

  • Open the Golden Treasure Chest

This Golden Treasure Chest is incredibly straightforward. When you login to the game, it will bounce into your inventory. It's a relatively small item, so just place it from your inventory onto your park's land and click on it to ask your friends for five Golden Keys. These Gold Keys are earned via a general news item posted to your wall, which should be incredibly easy to earn if you're playing the game on

Once you've collected all five Gold Keys, just click on the Treasure Chest again to use them and receive the rewards inside. These will include items like food or building collectibles, Goods, Thrill Points, coins, Annual Passes or Inspiration Light Bulbs. For completing this overall quest, you'll receive two Annual Passes that will help you expand your park, along with 500 Thrill Points.

And that's it! A quest that can be completed within a matter of minutes, with plenty of incentive to encourage you to actually complete it. This isn't the first treasure chest we've been asked to unlock in CoasterVille, and I doubt it will be the last. We'll bring you guides to opening any additional treasure chests as they show up in our games, so stay tuned!

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Have you already unlocked your Golden Treasure Chest, or are you still waiting for this event to roll out to your game? Let us know in the comments!