Buzz Lightyear will blast off on mobile devices soon


Disney Interactive sure knows how to get our minds moving. With the launch of a single screenshot, we're left to decipher the how's and what's of a brand new mobile game starring everyone's favorite Space Ranger (toy) Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear, along with other characters from the Toy Story franchise, will come to mobile devices in the near future in a game that we can describe more in speculations than in concrete details.

From the screenshot above, it's obvious that Buzz is tossing bouncy balls at objects at the other end of a field, and it looks as though he's trying to knock over toy structures in the process. If that's true, then we're instantly left thinking of Angry Birds, only with 3D graphics and a non-horizontal presentation.

From the screen, it looks as though the game will be split into levels (due to the reset button in the top right corner), and that we'll only have a few bouncy balls to throw before finishing each stage. In addition, the franchise's famous green alien toys will make an appearance, but whether they'll need to be knocked over or touched with the bouncy balls specifically remains to be seen. Make sure to stick with us as we learn more about Disney's latest Toy Story adventure on mobile.

Are you excited for a new Toy Story game on iOS or Android? Would you enjoy playing the game, even if it played similarly to Angry Birds? Sound off in the comments!