SimCity Social Progressive Quests: Everything you need to know


Just weeks after launching a cross-promotion in Zynga's CoasterVille, insurance company Progressive has shown up in another Facebook game: SimCity Social. This event is called "Progressive... At Your Service," and it comes with quests to complete, thanks to Chase. We're here with a guide to completing these quests, so let's get started!

Fender Bender

  • Build the Progressive Service Center

  • Drop Off Chase's Car

The Progressive Service Center costs 1,500 Simoleons to purchase in the store, and it takes three energy to complete. From there, you'll need to just click on the Factory and choose "Drop Off Chase's Car" to finish this quest. You'll receive 1,000 Materials and three XP for completing this quest.

Let's Do Lunch

  • Collect from the Progressive Service Center

  • Have a Long Lucnh

  • Collet from a Bowling Alley

The Progressive Service Center can be collected from once every 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the "Long Lunch" interaction is available in the Diner. If you've deleted your own Diner(s), you can visit your friends' cities and tend their Diners instead. Finally, the Bowling Alley is available for collection once every 20 minutes. Finishing this quest gives you another 2,000 Materials and five XP.

Chase in the Zone

  • Have a 1-Star Progressive Service Center

  • Visit Don

  • Ace Your Meeting

The Service Center upgrade is completed using four clicks of 75 Materials each. As for the "Ace Your Meeting" task, this is

completed in an Office Building, either in your own town or a friend's. You'll earn 2,500 Materials and five XP for finishing this quest.

Making Progress

  • Have a 2-Star Progressive Service Center

  • Take 5 Corporate Tours

The second Progressive Service Center upgrade requires five clicks of 140 Materials each. For the Corporate Tours task, you'll need to visit Attractions either in your city or your friends'. You can only complete this "Corporate Tour" task once in each Attraction, so you'll need to visit five separate ones. After you complete this quest, you'll receive 3,000 Materials and eight XP.

Drivin' And Stylin'

  • Have a 3-Star Progressive Service Center

  • Pick Up Chase's Car

  • Tell 3 Mayors About Progressive

The final upgrade to the Progressive Service Center requires five clicks of 300 Materials each, and Chase's Car can be picked up at the Center itself was well. To finish this quest, just head into your neighbors' cities and visit their Mayor's Houses. You'll receive three Efficiency collectibles and 10 XP when you complete this quest. You'll also receive the Customer Parking item, which offers a 20% Simoleons bonus to surrounding items.

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What do you think of this Progressive promotion in SimCity Social? Do you have enough land space to hold this Progressive Service Center, or do you need to save that room for other things? Sound off in the comments!