The Most Popular Jobs In America: Map

Job search by stateAmerica is often thought of as a rainbow quilt because of diversity of races, religions and cultures. But it has another kind of diversity: job markets. Not only are some regions prospering and others stewing in misery, but people in different places want different jobs.

AOL Jobs plugged different job-search terms into Google Trends, which lets you see the most popular search terms on Google, by region. We narrowed it to the last 12 months, which gives us a glimpse of the most popular jobs coast to coast. Take a look; you might be surprised to see the states that have the most aspiring actors, wannabe fast food servers, or yoga instructors in training.

1. Factory Jobs: The Rust Belt still shines for factory jobs. Searches for "factory jobs" remain high in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania compared to the rest of the country. Kentucky is also booming, as manufacturing in this country has shifted south-east in the hunt for cheaper labor. The entire American South is now ahead of New York, which was once upon a time a major foundry of the nation.

2. Oil Field Jobs: North Dakota has indeed gone boom. New technologies have tapped the oil-soaked Bakken shale formation like never before, and state residents are giddily Googling to get a piece of the action. Montana's oil boom is less buzzed about but is clearly also piquing the interest of the state's population. And Texas, well, is Texas.

3. Fast Food Jobs: It's not that shocking that those in the South and Midwest are the most interested in fast food jobs. But if you compare it with a map of obesity, there is something curious. The states with some of the lowest obesity rates in the region, like Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia, are the ones most interested in fast food jobs. On the flipside, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas are at the upper end of the obesity scale, but are the least interested. Texas and Missouri, however, rank high for both.

4. Yoga Jobs: Oregon, Colorado and Massachusetts are the most popular places to greet the sun. For money.

5. Acting Jobs: There are more aspiring actors, it seems, in New Jersey, than California and New York, and more in Georgia than anywhere. It turns out that Georgia has the fourth largest film industry in the U.S. Who knew? Probably a lot of people.

6. Chef Jobs: The aspiring chefs of this nation are hiding out in Florida and Connecticut. It is unclear why. But it does make sense that the Eastern Seaboard lights up for professional cooking, since that's where most of the country's best culinary schools are. Or maybe there's just something in the water, drifting over from the Continent.

7. Stripper Jobs: Texas, New York, and California win handily.
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